Enhancing Client Relationships

Since 1981


KCI, Incorporated (KCI) is an original equipment manufacturer providing a broad range of automated solutions for diverse markets and industries worldwide. We are recognized for developing unique, automated processes in automotive assembly as well as for being the nation’s leading manufacturer of insulation process equipment. The knowledge, expertise and innovative thinking that brought us recognition and respect in these totally different markets can be applied in your industry. Guided by our quality policy, we welcome the opportunity to help your company with manufacturing process needs or challenges.

Our History

On September 1, 1981, four men, each handling an important aspect of the business, formed a team and founded KCI, Incorporated. In the years since, KCI has grown into North America’s largest process equipment supplier to the insulation industry. During the mid-90’s KCI expanded into the automotive industry and has become a recognized leader in the manufacturing of automotive assembly equipment and has earned several patents. Ford Motor Company awarded KCI with their Customer Driven Quality Award for Manufacturing for its innovative contributions to the industry.

With a manufacturing and office complex totaling over 90,300 square feet and ongoing expansion for diversification, KCI looks to develop innovative processes for other major industries and create opportunities to become the engineering and maintenance arm of corporations that choose to downsize and outsource those operations.

The ‘TEAM’ oriented culture started by KCI’s four founding partners prevails throughout the company today. What’s more, the traditions of cooperation, honesty and confidentiality extend to customer relationships. KCI, Incorporated is not just a supplier, not just a resource, KCI is a partner, “Your Partner For Process Innovation.”