Enhancing Client Relationships

Since 1981

Our People

People and values are our greatest assets. We know that every aspect of each project performed and every satisfied client has been powered by people working as a team throughout all departments for success. It started years ago and remains true today.

The team oriented culture started by KCI’s four founding fathers prevails throughout the company today. The three fundamental KCI values – Cooperation, Honesty, and Confidentiality – are core to how we want to behave, as individuals and collectively as an organization.

  • Cooperation means we are not just a supplier, not just a resource, KCI is your partner.
  • Honesty means we are trustworthy and treat customers with integrity.
  • Confidentiality means our team always upholds the highest level of confidentiality in protecting proprietary information.

With a history of over thirty years, KCI has become a trusted partner to customers and a valued company to employees. Our success is a direct result of our dedicated people believing in and upholding these core values.

KCI functions as a trusted partner to our clients, and that partnership results in consistently outstanding solutions and successful projects.